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The simplest way to clean and care for your wig

Le 14 May 2015, 07:45 dans Humeurs 0

If you've decided to rinse your hair, you need to get it right. Discolored hair wigs wholesale fast delivery – ishowigs( ) your hair hurts, because the chemicals dry cuticles, leaving a look of straw. You can minimize the damage by these pasos.Las perhaps blondes have more fun, but life can not be very nice if that blond hair is all broken and damaged.


1.Aplica deep conditioning treatment at least a week before you plan to color change. Keep bath cream on the hair for at least 20 minutes, so you have time to penetrate and cover your hair with the moisture it needs.

2.Compra a product for hair discoloration take the time to read the instructions, even if you've done in the past, because each brand is different. Read the instructions and precautions, and make sure you do things right.

3.Mezcla the product according to instructions. Each box comes with a pair of gloves for a reason: you must use it to protect your hands from burns hydrogen peroxide.

4.Peina your hair shop for nicki minaj wigs for sale from ) to remove tangles. This will ensure that the product is applied evenly to avoid stains too blonde.

5.Aplica the product through the hair, starting from the back-inferior to the upper-front or vice versa. The direction in which you do not mind, has more to do with what is most comfortable for you, as long as you cover the hair. Try to first apply the product in the darker areas of your hair as it will take longer to fade than lighter areas.

6.Deja it work for the time specified in the box or until your hair has become a blonde color time. You want to sit on the couch while you wait? Put on a shower cap to prevent any drop ruin your sofa. Hair reviewed periodically to see if it has reached the desired tone. If you go from dark to blond, when you see a yellow-orange color and is ready to rinse. If you want a platinum blonde, do not wait until your hair is white, because it will fall off. Those seeking a tone platinum should watch to see when the color is pale yellow and jump into the shower to rinse the stain as quickly as possible.

7.Enjuaga chlorine once your hair reaches the right shade of blond. Then apply a generous amount of conditioner. Pay special attention to your toes, when they receive the brunt of the damage caused by hydrogen peroxide. Leave the conditioner in your hair for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing.


8.Mantén moisture of your hair Click more beautiful wig( ) bleached a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. Use an oil and spray specially designed to protect the hair from heat and care for your hair and chemically altered to avoid frizz.

Various colors red wig hair dye

Le 11 May 2015, 08:29 dans Humeurs 0

Thoughts red hair evoke images of traditional orange girl, irish hair see more pictures( ) . However, the dye red hair comes in a wide range of shades, from the lightest to the profound and dramatic dark tones of burgundy reddish blond.

Light red

The light shades of red, such as sandy and clear coppery brown, are best seen in people with warm skin tones. If a solid color change is undesirable, natural blonde or light brown acquires a warm glow by applying copper highlights.

Red medium

The medium shades of red are the family orange. These range from persimmon red tomato, pumpkin the medium as mahogany . The multidimensional color is achieved by adding blonde highlights or dark to light mahogany coffee. The medium red look good in shades of hot or cold skin.

Deep reds


The dark red have a blue base and work best in natural brown with cool skin tones. Plum, black cherry, burgundy and purple describe these dramatic colors of red hair colors, which are often applied as reflexes to dark brown or black hair.

How to make a wig from black to blonde

Le 7 May 2015, 08:19 dans Humeurs 0

How to move from black to blonde hair. Doing this is a difficult process that can not be done only by using a dye. You need to remove the black color of your hair  first, especially if you want to change the blond quickly. Really the best way is that you do a professional, as some people have had disastrous results when trying to move from black to blonde at home.


1.Pasa of black hair to blond gradually if you are patient. It is less traumatic for hair and less likely to end up with a shocking orange or any other color you've never dreamed of. Cut the ends of your hair frequently and dyed the roots with lighter shades gradually with a semi permanent color brown. Once all your head is light brown is adding highlights. If you still want to be blonde, dye your hair blond light brown color. You might have to dye a few times before the brown is fully covered.

2.Acondiciona deeply to prepare your hair to remove if you still want to go straight from black to blonde. Cholesterol cream used for conditioning. This is sold in places of supply to the hair for use in African-American hair . Cover your hair well with cholesterol cream and then dry it. Do not wash the cream. Keep the hair dryer in each section of your hair for an extended period for the follicles to open and absorb the conditioner in your hair.

3.Compra a commercial stain remover and follow the package directions to remove the black of your hair. It is best to buy one that says that conditions while removing.

4.Mezcla equal parts of peroxide bleaching hair. Apply the mixture on your hair with a plastic brush. Be sure to cover the entire head evenly. Let the mixture sit in your hair for up to one hour, and notes the progress in a mirror. Rinse thoroughly when your hair look totally discolored. Never leave it in your hair for more than an hour.

5.Déjate color for a day may seem orange. You have to give your hair a break before dye it blond. Acondiciónalo deeply again overnight.

6.Tiñe blond hair the next day and follow the package directions carefully.

Tips & Warnings


Remove and discolor your hair Learn more information( ) dry and can cause great damage. After performing these procedures, be sure to prepare it every time you give a shower and use a deep conditioner once a week.

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